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best shot,BEST SHOT Motivprogramme, exilim From now on you won't miss a single detail: The Multi Frame SR Zoom uses super resolution technology combined with the CS function to double the zoom range. This results in sharp photos with high image quality. The Multi Frame SR Zoom works at lightning speed to combine image information from several shots into a single sharp, clear photo.

best shot,BEST SHOT Motivprogramme, exilim Would you like to be able to access the same camera settings quickly and easily for recurring photo opportunities? No problem! With BEST SHOT you can create and save your own motif programs, which you can then access at any time.

Make more of your subject — with HDR Art. You can use this innovative function to create artistic photos by combining a series of pictures taken with various exposures into one final image. You can adjust the contrast as well as the colour saturation. The result is extraordinary high-contrast images with enhanced contours and vibrant colours, reminiscent of pop art.

Know where your photos were taken thanks to GPS and global maps: the Hybrid-GPS function enables you to assign the corresponding place name to images using the GPS satellite waves on the current location. There are approximately 1 million worldwide place names available that can be inserted into the image data.

Gain a unique perspective: Broaden your view and discover perspectives you never thought possible. Using the Panorama function, you can obtain extremely wide panoramic shots with an impressive field of view of up to 360 degrees.

Art in an instant: the Art Effect function allows you to return to a photo you have previously saved, e.g. a landscape or a portrait, and transform it into a spellbinding oil painting, water colour or wax crayon drawing.

So you want to take some new passport photos? No problem! Thanks to the BEST SHOT "Passport photo" mode, expensive instant-photo booths are now a thing of the past. Using the "Passport photo" setting, you can take several passport photos in various standard sizes and it only takes a few seconds.

It has never been easier to upload your videos to YouTube™: With EXILIM cameras, you can film your experiences in the optimum video size and quality for YouTube™! And what's more, exclusive software makes uploading your videos to YouTube™ child's play.

In easy mode, taking good photos with your EXILIM digital camera is easy in any situation — and you don't need to worry about the preliminary settings or applying incorrect settings by mistake.

Imagine you could create spectacular artwork at the touch of a button. Well now you can: Whether you want to create an oil painting, crayon or watercolour effect, the three new BEST SHOT modes helps transform your photos into mini masterpieces — without the artistic skill and expensive paints that you would normally need!

Whether you are creating portrait, landscape, night-time or backlight photos, with Premium Auto mode you never need to worry which settings are best for each situation; you can just focus your full attention on your subject. In Premium Auto mode, your EXILIM digital camera will not only automatically select the appropriate BEST SHOT motif program, but will also optimise its settings again, enabling you to take great photographs even in poor lighting conditions.

Who hasn't experienced the problem of light and shade with photos? Shaded subjects are often underexposed and hard to make out, and illuminated subjects are much too bright. The BEST SHOT high-speed lighting mode combines multiple shots with different exposures into one photo, ensuring a photo with optimal exposure.

EXILIM digital cameras give you a choice of several image sizes for taking your photos. But just what is the ideal size for a poster, email attachment or for reproducing a detailed section of a picture? Find out how easy it is to set the image size in your camera so that it does the job you want it to do!

Thanks to the Dynamic Photo function, you can not only crop out subjects from an image series and insert them into other pictures, but you can also combine your photos with fun 3D animations. This means you can combine images to create exciting and totally unbelievable scenes. You can adapt the size of the cropped subject to best fit the background, and the Dynamic Photo subjects can then be transformed into a video using the EXILIM camera itself.

When the shutter release button is pressed half way down, the intelligent AF function detects the size and shape of subjects automatically, captures them clearly and sets the correct exposure. All you have to do is relax and wait for the right moment, then press the shutter release button!

Total clarity with Landscape Mode from EXILIM! In Landscape Mode, colours appear vivid and clouding, haziness or mist in the picture is automatically reduced. The outcome is a clearer landscape or skyline with sharp contours, a bright sky and more vivid colours.

Get the best photo automatically, every time: Do you wish all your photos were clear and showed smiling faces and open eyes? No problem: The High-Speed Best Selection function automatically selects the best photo from a high-speed serial picture recording of up to 30 photos a second, and then saves it.

Your EXILIM can do more than you may think: with the intelligent Pre-Record function, photos can be taken not only at the moment the shutter release button is pressed - they're also taken before that! With the shutter release button half pressed, the camera can hold up to 25 photos in the buffer memory - showing real team spirit: For example, you can record a goal or the start of a stunt even if you have missed the actual moment - thanks to Pre-record!

BEST SHOT High-Speed Anti Shake mode relies on high-speed serial picture recording to produce clearer photos, enabling a series of images to be automatically combined to form one optimised photo. BEST SHOT mode ensures that telephoto shots in particular are clear and in focus.

Discover the director in you: Using the "30-210 fps" high-speed mode, you can switch between normal and high-speed recording speeds when making a film. The result is a film containing moments where events take place in enthralling slow motion, as if time itself has slowed down. Try it; you will be impressed!

Impress your friends with a performance fit for the cinema: present your saved pictures as a slide show on the display of your camera or a TV - and you can even add background music and effective animations between images.

Show your motif in the right light: the easy way to conquer unfavourable lighting conditions. The lighting function optimizes the contrast automatically even in scenes with backlight or bright background.

In the Make-up Mode, EXILIM cameras automatically recognize faces in the picture and ensure that the skin appears smoother and facial shadows caused by strong sunlight or illumination are reduced.

Every detail counts: to show off the best part of a photo, just use the trimming function on the camera to crop a specific section of the photo and save this as a separate photo.

Filming the past? No problem with the BEST SHOT mode "Past Movie"!
If you press the Movie Button too late to catch those momentous moments, the past 5 seconds are already saved!

Movies at the touch of a button! The practical Movie Button enables you to react spontaneously and always film the best scenes. With the camera switched on, a touch of a button is all it takes to start recording.

Simply practical: With Auto BEST SHOT, your EXILIM camera automatically selects the most suitable BEST SHOT mode and configures all the necessary settings for you - all you have to do is press the shutter. So you can enjoy the moment and focus your full attention on your subject.

EXILIM offers a simple solution to the problem of blurred or shaky photos: The new Auto Shutter function can automatically determine the perfect moment to take a photo.

It's so practical - your EXILIM with BEST SHOT motive programmes flexibly adjusts to fulfil a wide range of requirements. That's why it's so easy for you to create photos for online auctions: the "Auction" BEST SHOT motif programme enables you to take photos of your auction items in optimum picture size and quality and then post them online quickly and easily!

For people who want more: Recording movies and take photos at the same time - you don't need two cameras to do this. With EXILIM cameras, you can quite easily capture that unique moment or any hilarious sights in a photo while you're recording a movie.

Whether it's at a party, a Christmas celebration or outside in the winter twilight - when it's dark, we discover lots of exciting subjects. Unfortunately, when it's dark, it can often be difficult to judge the perfect moment to take a photo. The "Rapid Flash" serial shot function takes three photos with flash in the space of just one second.

Your loved ones always clear and in focus: The face-recognition function can save up to 6 faces, which the camera can then recognize and bring into focus optimally when taking a photograph.

The simple touch: The face detection function recognises individual faces or entire groups and automatically applies the optimum setting.

Action shots: If your subject can't or won't stay still, the Auto Tracking AF function is there to help you. Simply set the camera focus and, as soon as you're happy with the moving subject, press the release button in fully. Your photo will be perfectly in focus.

Serial photos: The practical serial shot function means you simply press and hold the button and take several photos one after the other - and then pick the best individual shots.

Capture even the tiniest details: The EXILIM EX-Z1200 with the Non Deterioration Zoom offers a gigantic 18.7 zoom. Look forward to a whole new world of opportunities in pocket format!

Nothing is going to stop the spring from coming, and nature is leaving a trail of blossoms and greenery everywhere you look. The BEST SHOT motif programme "Natural Green" lets you record nature's most beautiful experiences with rich colours and sharp contours.

Winter is a particularly attractive time of year when it comes to taking photos - but it also poses quite a challenge. Because surroundings are extremely bright, subjects often appear to be too dark.

Half pictures are a thing of the past. With Auto Framing, your subjects are always in focus.

Create collages without using a computer - one photo can show your friends everywhere you went on holiday or show-off your new car from a variety of different angles. Layout Shot creates fun photo collages while they are still in your camera.

Working on your films while they are still in the camera is easy. Part 2 of the Movie Editing Function lets you cut out an area between two images.

Edit films very simply whilst they are still in the camera. With the Movie Editing Function you cut your films before or after an individual frame.

Refresh faded memories: Archiving photos from albums was long-winded and complicated in the past. With Revive Shot you simply give your old photos a new digital life.

Candles throw little light on your motifs. learn how to take attractive photos with a special lighting mood.

A day in the snow creates particular challenges for photographers: Since the surroundings are extremely bright, motifs often appear too dark.

You need the right setting to take photos of bright lights against dark surroundings - BEST SHOT has it.

Specifying the values to be preset when the camera is switched on
What happens to settings such as white balance and zoom position when you switch off your camera? They are lost, everything is returned to the initial setting. Unless you use the mode memory.

Shaky hands or moving motifs? Learn how to switch on the Anti Shake DSP for difficult photographs.

Simply set the quality in which your photographs are to be stored.

In how large a size do you want to store or print your pictures? Just set the right picture size.

For optimum lighting for every subject you can set the intensity of your flash quickly and easily.

The picture roulette runs through the pictures stored in the memory on the display - and then stops at random at one of them. Surprise yourself.

Taking professional photographs flexibly: You can use the manual exposure settings mode to set your own shutter speeds and apertures.

With the AE lock, you can save the exposure settings have automatically been created for one subject and use them for a different subject - so you can work whatever way you want to.

If you photograph visitor cards, documents, white boards or other similarly shaped objects from an angle, they can appear misshaped in the resulting image. It is exactly this type of distortion that Business Shot corrects.

When taking a flash photograph, the subject may not always be lit correctly. The flash assist can help you to improve such photos.

Atmospheric photos: Use the filter functions to change the tint of your pictures before taking them. Available settings are: B/W, Sepia, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple.

Make things easier for yourself: with three different metering modes, you can adjust your EXILIM perfectly for any shooting condition, and take better photos in the process!

Delete recordings and replace them with new ones: Based on "Adding sound to a snapshot", which is also explained in the EXILIM Tips & Tricks.

How can you give your pictures more life and atmosphere? Easy! Just add the correct sound. The photo remake combines the pictures you have saved with sound recordings in a few short steps.

A "key customization" feature enables you to assign your very own choice of camera settings to several keys. You no longer have to negotiate through several menus and you can save time.

It is not easy to assess lighting conditions in many situations. The histogram clearly displays the exposure conditions and helps to avoid over- and underexposures.

A nomal autofocus focusses on the centre of the picture. If your motive is not at the centre, what then? The focus lock helps.

The easy-to-handle focus aids, Auto Pan Focus and Panorama Focus mode, help in various situations, since they provide a quick release time. Photographing fast-moving objects is thus made simple.

Pre-Shot is a preview image. It always helps, if you have someone else take a photo of you and you would like to select the background yourself.

These instructions show you how to store the camera settings as BEST SHOT, so that you can always return to the same settings for the same situations - within seconds, and with only a few hand movements.

You can specify a photographic image for the start display, which always appears for two seconds on the monitor screen when you switch on the camera and the mode selectro is set to "REC".

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