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Anti Shake DSP reduces the risk of producing blurred photos because the camera is not held steadily or because of moving motifs. Switch this function on manually when required - but Anti Shake DSP can also be set to operate automatically as soon as the lighting conditions become difficult.


You have two options for activating Anti Shake DSP. Please select one and follow the operating procedure.

Option 1: BEST SHOT-Mode

Press [BS] (BEST SHOT) in REC mode.
Use , , and to select the "Anti Shake" motif program and then press [SET].

Option 2: Menu display

Press [MENU] in REC mode.
Select the "REC" register, select "Anti-Shake", then press .
Use and , to select "ON" and press [SET].
Press the shutter release to take the photo.
•  When photographing with Anti Shake DSP, the image quality may be affected. If this occurs, please switch off Anti Shake DSP.
•  Depending on the strength of the movement by the hand or object, even Anti Shake DSP may not be able to prevent blurred photos.
•  Anti Shake DSP is not active when in movie mode.
•  Anti Shake DSP may not work with slow shutter speeds. In this case please use a stand to stabilise the camera.

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