Brilliant contrasts with HDR.

Creative colours with HDR Art.

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Contrast enhancer for brilliant photos -
experience the difference.

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Some situations are too much for normal cameras. For example, backlighting often fades colours and makes parts of the photos too dark. The HIGH SPEED models can really help you here with the HDR function. This technology takes several shots using different exposure settings and combines them to create a brilliant photo with a higher contrast range. This means that both light and dark surfaces are emphasised equally, whilst dazzling or overly dark areas are toned down and given more detail. The photo shows the image of the object, as the human eye sees it. The effect is especially amazing with difficult backlighting.


Exposure latitude is combined to a perfect picture.


Unlimited creativity - every shot a work of art

The HDR Art function uses HDR technology to create artistic photos and videos* by compiling image data from a sequence of images. It controls the contrast and colour saturation of the subject in focus and uses this information to produce unique effects that, until now, were only possible using special software. There are three intensity levels available.** HDR Art turns the photographer into an artist, making the photos striking and creative!


1. light, 2. standard, 3. intense
up left: normal settings
up right: Intensity level "intense"

* videofunction only EX-ZR1000, EX-ZR700, EX-ZR400, EX-ZR300, EX-ZR200 & EX-ZR20
** EX-ZR1000, EX-ZR700 & EX-ZR400 also have the disposes of levels EX 1 & EX 2, the EX-ZR10 only disposes of intensity level "intense".