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Fast-moving experiences, lasting memories

The EX-ZR800 transforms moving experiences into lasting memories. At the heart of the EX-ZR800 is the EXILIM Engine HS 3. It offers the "TRIPLE ZERO" solution, practically eliminating delays, blurring and shaking. The innovative image processor sets ...
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EXILIM Engine HS 3

The EX-ZR800 employs a newly developed system for CASIO’s EXILIM Engine HS, which consists of a reconfigurable processor and a vector graphics core. The vector graphics core smoothly produces two-dimensional images, while the reconfigurable processor combines high-performance functions and high-speed processing via a dual-CPU, two parallel image processors and various other new technologies. These improvements deliver best-ever high-speed shooting capability, including 1.3-second¹ start-up time, 0.18-second² high-speed auto focus, and as little as 0.26-second³ shooting between frames. The camera also boasts a high-quality GUI. The display is very easy to view, making for intuitive operation.

1, 2, 3 CIPA standard compliant
  • EXILIM Engine HS 3
  • 18x optical zoom with optical image stabiliser
  • 5-axis HS Anti Shake
  • Quick Response
  • Time-lapse
  • 7.6 cm display with 920k pixels

High Speed Special Videos

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