You don't have to be an expert to take fantastic pictures: In fact the EX-Z1050 has 38 flexible pre-settings for all sorts of situations to ensure that all photos turn out well automatically. With BEST SHOT you can create and save your own settings in a flash too and you can retrieve them at any time.

BEST SHOT at a glance
Movie Stabilization function
Simply practical: The Movie Stabilization function* can reduce the risk of filming scenes which are wobbly because the camera has not been held still. The function can compensate for undesirable “wobbles”, which arise, for example, because of shaky hands - and often produces better movies in this way.
* Electronic image and movie stabilizer

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Layout Shot
Create collages without using the computer – create one photo to show your friends everywhere you went on holiday, or give different views of your new car. Layout Shot creates fun photo collages while they are still in your camera.

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Movie function
Action! Sometimes a picture is not enough to capture the atmosphere. The most beautiful moments, the best parties and the greatest scenes with your friends can be easily filmed using the EX-Z1050 – in high resolution and with sound.*
Movie Length: 10 minutes/movie

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Revive Shot
New from old: If you photograph the contents of your old photograph album with the Revive Shot function, yellowed and pale colours are automatically refreshed and the photos are revived for a new and long life in digital form.

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AF-Assist light
Sharp photos despite darkness: AF-Assist light supports the autofocus system of your EX-Z1050 if it is dark.
Icon Help function
Questions on how it works? Many of the EXILIM Zoom EX-Z1050 functions are all but self-explanatory. The Icon Help function stands for small, helpful flashes on the camera screen that tell you about the setting you have currently selected.
Flash Assist function
Problem detected: With flash shots the background often remains dark. The subject is only slightly lit. The solution: Flash Assist. With this function the subject can, in many cases, still be corrected automatically.
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