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For those special moments
Don't be fooled by the compact design of the EXILIM EX-ZS100: The digital camera can enlarge any picture as required thanks to its 12.5x optical zoom, so you can see every little detail. What's more, with the 24-mm wide angle lens, you can capture both sweeping landscapes and close-up group shots. The camera's 14.1 megapixels allow you to take sharp photos full of brilliant colour, making it ideal if you want to print photos in poster sizes or print detailed sections of photos. And that's not all: At the touch of a button, you can even record high-resolution videos thanks to the HD video recording function. The EXILIM EX-ZS100 delivers what its sophisticated look promises.

14.1 megapixels
14.1 megapixels
Within its compact and elegant housing, the EX-ZS100 hides 14.1 megapixels, which don't just give you spectacular ph...
24 mm wide-angle lens
24 mm wide-angle lens Whether for landscape photos, tourist sights or group pictures in confined spaces: the 24 mm wide-angle lens* makes the EX-ZS100 y...
Super Macro function
Super Macro function
Some details are more exciting than the picture as a whole. The Super Macro function automatically adjusts the camera's sharpness settings when you want to photograph a subject up close...
HD video recording
HD video recording You can now film your videos in high-definition quality*! Using the HD Movie Function in the EXILIM EX-ZS100, you can make colourf...
Easy mode
Easy mode In the EX-ZS100 Easy Mode, you can take outstanding photos in any situation - without worrying about presettings or applying the...