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High-Speed Burst ShootingHigh-speed Anti Shake
High-speed night-time photosPre Record mode
Slow Motion functionHigh-speed CMOS sensor
9.1 megapixels and 3x optical zoomBEST SHOT motif programmes
High-Speed Best SelectionLag Correction
Face detection functionMove-in series shot
Move out series shotMulti-motion function

Photo Functions

High-Speed Burst Shooting

Never miss that important moment!

Simply press the High-Speed button and the High-Speed Burst Shooting function of the EX-FS10 takes up to 30 photos per second, each with up to 6 megapixels. The recording image rate can also be varied between 3 and 30 photos per second. A maximum of 30 photos can be taken in a second, or in intervals 3, 5, 10, or 15 in next to no time, such as 10 photos in 3 seconds. This way, you will always capture exactly the right moment!

High-speed Anti Shake

Automatically keep a steady hand

The BEST SHOT high-speed anti-shake function uses high-speed serial picture recording to the max for clearer images. The positions of consecutive photos are automatically combined to form one optimised photo. This means that even telephoto shots, which tend to be blurred due to hand movement, are clear and sharp.

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High-speed night-time photos

Clarity at night-time too

The BEST SHOT high-speed night-time photos function uses high-speed serial picture recording to the max for clearer images at night. The positions of consecutive photos are automatically combined to form one optimised photo. The danger of blurred photos is reduced when taking photos at night, even without using a tripod.

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Pre Record mode

Take photos even before pressing the release button!

With the EX-FS10 you can take photos even before pressing the release button! The camera can take up to 30 photos per second and save a maximum of 25 photos in its buffer memory - even before the release button is pressed. So you can capture the crucial moment, even if you press the release button too late.

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Slow Motion function

Follow the subject in slow motion!

Take photos while the action is taking place in slow motion on the display before your very eyes. As though everything is slowed down. While the release button is pressed, you can relax, watch the subject move and ensure that you never miss the crucial moment.

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High-speed CMOS sensor

High-speed performance

The EXILIM EX-FS10 is equipped with a high-speed CMOS sensor, which enables you to take ultra-fast photo sequences at a high resolution and ultra-fast movies and videos in HD resolution. In addition, the CMOS sensor offers a higher contrast range, optimised detail definition and outstanding pictures.

9.1 megapixels and 3x optical zoom


The ultra-slim case of the EX-FS10 conceals 3x optical zoom and 9.1 megapixels. This high resolution enables sharp and detailed photos in full brilliant colour — with outstanding quality and no loss of image detail even in poster size. The maximum image size is 3456 x 2592 pixels, which, because of the excellent quality, enables you to print high-resolution photos on A3 paper or larger.

BEST SHOT motif programmes

You don't need to be an expert to create great photos

You don't need to be an expert to create great photos: To ensure that all your photos and movies are a success from the start, the EX-FS10 comes with 21 flexible presettings for a wide range of situations. With BEST SHOT, you can also create and save your own settings, which can be selected at any time.

Almost all BEST SHOT programmes offered by the EX-FS10 are designed for both photo and movie recording.

Overview of all BEST SHOT motif programmes

High-Speed Best Selection

Ensuring you always capture the perfect moment

To ensure that you capture the perfect moment, the EX-FS10 can select the best photos from a series of shots automatically – showing a smiling face, open eyes and without blurring. The best images are saved.

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Lag Correction

Never miss a thing

Users need never again waste valuable seconds - the natural delay between recognizing the motif and actually pressing the release button on the camera is now a thing of the past: with Lag Correction, the EX-FS10 can capture that special moment anytime, anywhere. The camera selects the photo which corresponds to the set lag from the temporary serial picture memory and only saves that one photo.

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Face detection function

The simple touch

Whether you're on holiday, at a party or spending time with your family - people are particularly popular subjects for a photo. It's always a pity when faces turn out blurred on a picture. The Face Detection function now offers the perfect solution, recognizing the individual faces or even entire groups, and automatically applying the best possible setting.

Move-in series shot

Too late?

There are moments which can't be activated at the touch of a button. Nature in particular simply won't be controlled. How can we know when a bee will land on a flower or a stork will return back to its nest? With the BEST SHOT function Move-in series shot you can take photos as soon as a motif moves into an area previously defined by you. Using a tripod, multiple shots with Move-in are also particularly suited for observing animals as the camera activates automatically without you having to do a thing.

Move out series shot

On your marks, get set, go!

One of the most exciting moments in race sport is undoubtedly the start of the race. But pressing the release button at the precise moment the cars leave the starting line is more a matter of luck than anything else. With Move-out series shot, the series shot function is activated as soon as the defined object moves out of the focus area.

Multi-motion function

Always on the move

The BEST SHOT function Multi-Motion-Image enables you to capture a movement sequence in just one single photo. Take a photo of the moving motif in front of a still background. This motif is photographed in a series of images which are compiled to one single picture by the new EXILIM Engine 4.0. This enables you to capture movements such as a snowboarding jump from the launch to the landing on one single photo.