EXILIM EX-FC100 | Speed in its sights




High-speed film recordingHD video recording
YouTube™ Capture ModeMovie Stabilisation function
Movie editing function

Movie Functions

High-speed film recording

Films in high speed

The EX-FC100 is able to take high-speed film recordings of movements that are too quick for the human eye and play them back in slow motion. You can choose from a recording speed of 210 fps, 420 fps or 1000 fps. Simply press the Movie Button and start filming.

HD video recording

Ready for the movies!

You can now film your videos in high-definition quality*! Using the HD Movie Function in the EXILIM EX-FC100, you can make colourful and high-detail videos with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

*Max. recording duration of 10 minutes/video

YouTube™ Capture Mode

Share your videos with your friends!

It has never been easier to upload your own videos to YouTube™: With the EX-FC100, you can film* your most memorable moments directly in a video size and quality optimised for YouTube™! The exclusive software makes uploading** your videos to YouTube™ child's play.

*Max. recording duration of 10 minutes/video
** To upload your videos, you need an Internet connection. This may entail additional costs.

Movie Stabilisation function

Simply practical

The movie stabilisation function can reduce the risk of filming scenes which are wobbly because the camera has not been held still. This function can stabilise unwanted movements, which often produces better pictures.

Movie editing function

Your own cutting room

Cut your films whenever and wherever you like – without computer or complicated software. With the EXILIM EX-FC100 you can edit your movies directly in the camera.