Photo and movie examples

High-speed movie recording
High-speed movie recording with up to 1200 frames per second!

The EX-F1 can record high-speed movies and deliver slow-motion footage of a world that remained invisible for the human eye until now. And you can choose between a recording speed of 300 fps, 600 fps or 1200 fps. The integrated movie button is perfect for starting recording quickly without having to switch from photo mode.

High-speed photography
Never miss the perfect moment!

With the high-speed mode you can take up to 60 photos per second. The picture rate can also be set to between 1 and 60 photos per second. Up to 60 photos can be taken at once - 60 photos per second for one second or 5 photos per second for 12 seconds. Now you will always capture precisely the right moment!
Movie examples

Photo examples

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